Sponsor Responsibilities

Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsor Responsibilities

1. Help student members run their chapter of Mu Alpha Theta. Sponsors provide oversight and guidance to student officers of the club, including financial responsibility for club funds. Often a sponsor will set up a Mu Alpha Theta account with the school’s bookkeeper or treasurer in which they deposit all club monies collected. 

2. Accompany students to mathematical competitions or events and arrange for chaperones, transportation, permission forms, and other details.

3. Update the chapter's information online, by email, or by calling the national office with changes. It is especially important that a current email address for each sponsor is available.

4. Add maomailer@ou.edu to their safe list since all newsletters and updates are emailed from this address.

5. Provide a supervised meeting space for the club and act as liaison to the school's administration. Along with club officers, sponsors should plan periodic meetings, at least monthly, where a math talk or activity is planned.

6. Inform math teachers at their school of the chapter and its mission, ask for names of qualified students for membership, check grades to ensure eligibility, and present these names to the admission committee of the club.

7. Submit new member names to the national office within one month of their initiation into the chapter. The national office accepts new members year-round. The sponsor must submit the students' names as they are to appear on the certificates and will need to have students grouped by year of graduation to enter them. New members can be registered by submitting names and graduation year into our online order system accessible via our website at www.mualphatheta.org, by email, or by mail. Sponsors may ask the chapter secretary to enter names, but it is the sponsor’s responsibility to approve each new member and confirm their eligibility before turning the names over to a student officer. The sponsor should log in for any student since the chapter's password is for sponsor use only. Fees should be paid with a single check or credit card purchase.  We accept purchase orders for memberships but these must be paid within one month of issue.  

8. Order merchandise and honor cords on behalf of student members. Only active chapters that have enrolled members during the past two years may purchase merchandise. The national office reserves the right to refuse the sale of insignia materials to non-members or chapters without enough members to warrant the amount of materials ordered. Only members are eligible to wear an honor cord at graduation. 

9. Inform students of Mu Alpha Theta scholarships, grants, and awards and encourage them to apply.

10. Read Mu Alpha Theta's monthly newsletter and share its contents with student members. 

11. Uphold Mu Alpha Theta's constitution and bylaws and those of their chapter at all times.