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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Intel International Science and Engineering Fairs

Since 2003, Mu Alpha Theta has supported a special "Mu Alpha Theta Award" at regional and international science fairs on an annual basis. Additionally, we provide up to $6000 in prizes each year at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May as well as judges to the event.

The Mu Alpha Theta Award is given to the most challenging, thorough, and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics accesible to high school students. Components of the investigation may include, but are not limited to, mathematical proof, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, visualization, simulation, and approximation.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public, is the world's largest pre-college science competition, and includes about 1,700 high school students from more than 75 countries, regions, and territories. Each year, the finalists showcase their independent research as they compete for more than $4 million in awards. The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair encourages millions of students worldwide to explore their passion for innovation and develop solutions for global challenges. Students compete as finalists in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair after winning a top prize from one of 454 affiliate fairs in more than 70 countries, regions, and territories. In addition to presenting their research on a global stage, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair finalists are judged by and interact with doctoral-level scientists as they compete for prizes.

International Science Fair Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 International Science Fair Award winners!

Pictured: 2016 International Science Fair Award winners with Tom Tosch

$1,500 First Place Winners:

  • Omer Siddiqui of Detroit Country Day School in Beverly Hills, MI for: The Arrangement Graph: A New Design for Computational Systems
  • Karthik Yegnesh of Methacton High School in Eagleville, PA for: Cosheaf Theoretical Constructions in Networks and Persistent Homology

$1,000 Second Place Winners:

  • Victoria Ge and Madison Lee of Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville, FL for: Modeling Gene Transfer and Its Impact on Antibiotic Resistance
  • David Chang Luo of Baton Rouge Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, LA for: A Tree Branch Path Solution to the Collate Conjecture
  • Arvid Krisha Ranganathan of Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for:  A Deterministic approach to the Position, Trajectory, and Collision Prediction of Particles within Bounded Two-Dimensional Environments.

Our 2015 International Science Fair Award winners:  Elya Courtney of Carmel Hill High School in Baton Rouge, LA won a $1500 prize her project: Tortoise or Hare? Improving Accuracy of Frequency, Amplitude, and Phase with Explicit Integration Rather than Fast Fourier Transforms.  Vishal Rajesh and Nisha Rajesh of Plano Senior High School in Plano, TX won a $1500 prize for their project: Mathematical Fire Fighting: Combating Fire with Delaunay Triangulation and Longitudinal-Reversible Cellular Automata. Muhammad Ugur oglu Abdulla of West Shore Junior-Senior High School in Melbourne, FL won a $1000 prize for his project: Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis in Biomedical Engineering: Chaotic Dynamics vs. Brownian Motion.  Swapnil Pande of Mills E. Godwin High School in Henrico, VA won a $1000 prize for his project: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Cardiac Tissue Electrophysiology: Effect of Cardiac Deformation on Action Potential Duration.  Sahil Abbi and Arjun Kapoor of Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, NY won a $1000 prize for thier project: Generation via Embedding of Quasi-Optimal Networks for Application in High Performance Computing. 
Pictured: 2015 International Science Fair Award winners with Dr. James R. Bush   

Our 2014 International Science Fair Award winners: Nirali Kunjan Thakor of Shepton High School in Plano, TX won a $1500 prize for her project: A Novel Mathematical Simulation to Study the Dynamics of CD4 Cells, CD8 Cells, and HIV Viral Load. Vinay Sridhar Iyengar of Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR won a $1500 prize for his project:Hybridized Characteristic 3 Galois Field Arithmetic for Elliptic Curve Crytography, Phase III. Sarah Lee Shaderof Laramie High School in Laramie, WY won a $1000 prize for her project: Catalan Numbers and Their Divisibility Properties. Sasank Venkata Vishnubhatla of duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY won a $1000 prize for his project: Winning the War against Hackers: A Hybrid Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithm for Safe and Secure Data. Noah Christian Pritt of Pritt Home School in Walkersville, MD won a $1000 prize for his project:Indoor Navigation with Maximum Likelihood Classification of Wi-Fi Fingerprints. 
Pictured: 2014 International Science Fair Award winners with Tom Tosch

Our2013 International Science Fair Award winners: Vinay Sridhar Iyengar of Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR won a $3000 prize for his project, Efficient Characteristic 3 Galois Field Operations for Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Applications. Hannah Kerner Larson of South Eugene High School in Eugene, OR won a $2000 prize for her project, Classification of Some Fusion Categories of Rank 4. Rishi Suvir Mirchandani of Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh, PA won a $1000 prize for his project, Superadditivity and Subadditivity in Fair Division.

Pictured: 2013 International Science Fair Award winners with Tom Tosch

Our 2012 International Science Fair Award winners: Caroline Jacquline Shouraboura & Shanthi Shanmugam of Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Hart in Bellevue, WA each won a $1000 prize for their project, Optimal Allocation of Global Constrained Resources Using the Hyperbolic Voronoi Diagram. Aishwartya A. Vardhana of Jesuit High School in Portland, OR won a $1250 prize for her project, Small Geometric Progressions Modulo N for Deterministic Polynomial Selection. Markus Robert Woltjer of Wilsonville High School in Wilsonville, OR won a $1250 prize for his project, Graph Theory and Locality Sensitive Hashing for DICOM Image Analysis.

Pictured: 2012 International Science Fair Award winners with Dr. James R. Bush

Our 2011 International Science Fair Award winners were: Matthew Russel Bauerle, Aishwarya Amanda Vardhana, and John Tilla Parish IV. Matthew Russel Bauerle attended Bauerle Home School in Fenton, MI, and won a $1000 prize for his project, "Reformulating the Newton Direction Computation as a Linear Least Squares Problem for Smoothed Overdetermined L1 Functionals." Aishwarya Amanda Vardhana attended Jesuit High School in Portland, OR, and won a $1000 prize for her project, "A Novel Implementation of the Elliptic Curve Method, Stage 2: Using Weierstrass and Edwards Elliptic Curves for Faster Factorization." John Tilla Parish IV attended a home school in Colorado Springs, CO, and won a $1000 prize for his project, "On the Verge of Where It Wasn't: A Multiple Model Approach to Estimation and Tracking Using Extended Kalman Filtering and Intelligent Selection of Integrated Models."

Our 2010 Science Fair Award winners were: Kate Alexandra Geschwind, Jia Hao Xu, and Joshua William Pfeffer. Kate attended Mayo High School in Rochester, MN, and won a $1000 prize for her project, "Explaining Wind Farm Output Using Regression Analysis." Jia Hao Xu attended the High School Attached to Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and won a $1000 prize for his project, "Simulation Study of Stable Metro Braking with Real Time Closed-Loop System Based on Optimization Model." Joshua attended North Shore Hebrew Academy High School in Great Neck, NY, and won a $1000 prize for his project, "Super Kohler-Ricci Flow."

Our 2009 Science Fair Award winners were: Michael Yan, Matthew Henry Stoffregen, Sameer Kirtikumar Deshpande, Jeffrey Chan and Alicia Zhang. Michael attended Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ, and won a $1000 prize for his project, "Performance Improvement in Online Analytical Processing." Matthew attended Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA and won a $1000 prize for his project, "An Analysis of Erdo’s Conjecture." Sameer attended Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science in Denton, TX, Jeffrey attended William P. Clements High School in Sugar Land, TX, and Alicia attended the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School in Austin, TX. The three of them shared a $1020 prize for their project, "Survival Analysis of Gene Expression Data Using a Hybrid Dimension."

Our 2008 Science Fair Award winners were: Samuel Irvin Kornicks, Akhil Mathew, and Kevin Hawkins Samuel attended Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach, FL and won for the second year in a row. His project was entitled: "Quantitative Evaluation of Cancer Complexity, a Study of Fractal Morphometry, Year Two." Akhil attended Madison High School in Madison, NJ and his project was "Translation-Invariant Binary Representations." Kevin attended Glen Oak High School in Canton, OH. His project was titled "Evolutionary Patterns in the Influenza A Hemagglutinin Protein that Support Interspecies Transmission: A bioinformatics and computational Approach." Each won a certificate and a $1000 prize.

Our 2007 Science Fair Award winners were: Samuel Irvin Kornicks, Shinjini Bakshi, and John Imbrie-Moore. All these winners are just finishing their Freshmen year in High School. Samuel attends Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach, FL and his project was entitled: "Quantitative Evaluation of Cancer Cell Complexity, a Study of Fractal Morphometry. Shijini attends Pennbrook Middle School in North Wales, PA and her project was "Potential Pandemic: H5N1 Influenza, a Mathematical Study. John attends Charlottesville High School in Virginia and his project was "Mathematical Modeling of the Speed of Evolution in Asexual Populations.

Our 2006 Science Fair Award winners were: Justin Moore Solomon from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech in Alexandria, VA and Michael Anthony Viscardi from Josan Academy in San Diego, CA. Justin won for his projetct "Three-dimensional Face Recognition from Video: Facial Surface Reconstruction and Analysis Using Tensor Algebra and Differential Geometry." Michael won for his project entitled "Solution of the Dirichlet Problem with Rational Boundary Data."

Our 2005 Science Fair Award winners were: Lasha Margishvili and Chun-Ju Lai. Lasha is from the Georgian-American High School in Tbilisi, Georgia Republic and his project was intitled "Diophantine Rectangular Parallelepiped." Chun-Ju Lai, from the Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior High School in Taipei City, Taiwan, won for his project intitled Car Parking Made Hard!

Our 2004 Science Fair Award winner was: Andrew Lewis Matteson. Andrew was a student of Samantha Usnick at Randall High School in Amarillo, TX. Andrew's Project was entitled, "Generalizations of Schur's Problem and the Search for S(5).

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2016-2017 Regional Science Fair Award Winners

      • Winner's Name: Kopylov Vadym
        Winner's School: Kherson physical technical lyceum Kherson city council under the Kherson national technical university and the Dnipropetrovsk national university
        School Location: Ukraine
        Title of Project: Partial bilinear basises 12,14-nodal square finite elements of mixed type
        Teacher: Nikolayenko Yuriy Ivanovych
        Fair: Intel-Techno Ukraine 2016-2017
      • Winner's Name: Tanya Otsetarova
        Winner's School: Model High School of Mathematics "Acad. Kiril Popov", Plovdiv
        School Location: Bulgaria
        Title of Project: Bijections between tilings with Walkup structures and different combinatorial objects.
        Teacher: Kristian Georgiev
        Fair: Bulgarian Science and Innovations Fair - Innofair
      • Winner's Name: Rishu Mohanka
        Winner's School: Suncoast Community High School
        School Location: Riviera Beach, FL
        Title of Project: A Novel Computational Method for Early Detection of Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attacks
        Teacher: Jeffery Lauter
        Fair: Palm Beach County Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Samriddhi Vishwakarma & Shresth Agrawal
        Winner's School: Bhavans R K Sarda Vidya Mandir
        School Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
        Title of Project: Kill Epidemic Before it Kills You
        Teacher: Sushil Kumas Pandy
        Fair:  Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS) National Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Daniela Morales
        Winner's School: Houston County High School
        School Location: Warner Robins, GA
        Title of Project: Ionizing Energy on Thermocouple Performance
        Teacher: Stacy McLean
        Fair: Houston Regional Science & Engineering Fair 2017
      • Winner's Name: Abigail Smith
        Winner's School: Cloquet High School
        School Location: Cloquet, MN 
        Title of Project: Measuring the sound absorption, reflection coefficient, and acoustic impedance of different materials in a high school auditorium, using a designed and constructed testing apparatus, in order to create a theoretical sound level modelling application.
        Teacher: Dr. Cynthia Welsh
        Fair:  NE Minnesota/ American Indian Science and Engineering
      • Winner's Name: Vishal Easwar
        Winner's School: Baton Rouge Magnet High School
        School Location: Baton Rouge, LA
        Title of Project: Bottom Billion Burden: Finding A Model To Predict ADHD
        Teacher: Tiffany Moore
        Fair:  Louisiana Region VII Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Jack Glusman
        Winner's School: University School of Milwaukee
        School Location: Milwaukee, WI
        Title of Project: Pythagorean Winning Percentage of Baseball
        Teacher: Robert Juranitch
        Fair:  University School of Milwaukee Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Judith Wang
        Winner's School: Lawton Chiles High School
        School Location: Tallahassee, FL
        Title of Project: Chi-Squared Test of Association: The Relationship Between Gender and the Prevolence of the HPV Vaccine In Florida Teens
        Teacher: Angela Breza-Pierce
        Fair:  Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Gabriela Juarez
        Winner's School: Cocoa High School
        School Location: Cocoa, FL
        Title of Project: How Does The Temperature of The Universe Affect Black Holes as The Universe Ages?
        Teacher: Leah Sanks
        Fair:  Brevard Mainland Regional Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Zane Forrester
        Winner's School: Ealgewood Jr/Sr High Scool
        School Location: Merrit Island, FL
        Title of Project: The Influence of Perovskite Layer Thickness and the Efficiency of a BiFeO3 Solar Cell
      • Teacher: Ryan Cilsick
        Fair:  Brevard Intracoastal Regional Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Elise Mallon
        Winner's School: Saint Edward's Upper School
        School Location: Vero Beach, FL
        Title of Project: Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine for Infuenza A Contrasted to Influenza B
      • Teacher: Dr. Kerryane Monahan
        Fair:  Indian River Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Mary Winnicki
        Winner's School: Punahou School
        School Location: Honolulu, HI
        Title of Project: Refining The Orbits of Near Earth Asteroids
        Teacher: Daniel Gaudiano
        Fair:  HAIS District Fair
      • Winner's Name: Abigail Smith
        Winner's School: Cloquet High School
        School Location: Cloquet, MN
        Title of Project: Measuring the Sound Absorption, Reflection Coefficient, and Acoustic Impedance of Different Materials in a High School Auditorium, Using a Designed & Constructed Testing Apparatus, In Order Tto Create a Theoretical Sound Level Modellign Application. 
        Teacher: Cynthia Welsh
        Fair:  NE Minnesota Regional/ American Indian Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Hailey Hacker & Antonio Hernandez
        Winner's School: South Sumter High School
        School Location: Bushnell, FL
        Title of Project: Mutations to Cytoskeletal Proteins in Colon Cancer and the COrrelation to Microsatellite Instability. 
        Teacher: Emily Keeler
        Fair:  USFL18
      • Winner's Name: Griffin Macris
        Winner's School: New Prague High School
        School Location: New Prague, MN
        Title of Project: Polynomials in Z[x] and Irrationality Measure
        Teacher: Jodi Prchal
        Fair:  Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Alyssa Compton
        Winner's School: Loyola Catholic
        School Location: Mankota, MN
        Title of Project: A Novel Approach to Minimize Road Salt Contamination of Both Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems
        Teacher: Sue Goebel
        Fair:  Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Dahlia Dry
        Winner's School: Fort Myers High School 
        School Location: Fort Myers, FL
        Title of Project: Looking Into the Past for Insight on the Future Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning for Time Series Data
        Teacher: Cathy Tucker
        Fair:  Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Parth Kulkarni
        Winner's School: Strawberry Crest High School
        School Location: Dover, FL
        Title of Project: Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Using Ant Colony Optimization
        Teacher: Dianne Shroeder 
        Fair:  Hillsborough County Stem Fair
      • Winner's Name: Banjamin DeVries
        Winner's School: Woods Cross High School
        School Location: Woods Cross, UT
        Title of Project: Genetic Algorithms & Sorting Data
        Teacher: Janette Duffin
        Fair:  Davis North Area STEM Fair
      • Winner's Name: Brynne Coulam & Catherine Ji
        Winner's School: Treasure Valley Math Science Center
        School Location: Boise, ID
        Title of Project: Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase -1 on Collagen Integrity in Microgravity
        Teacher: Paul Verhage
        Fair:  Western Idaho Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Jack Gallahan
        Winner's School: PineView School
        School Location: Osprey, FL
        Title of Project: Application of Cyclic Space Theory to Transfinite Mathematics
        Teacher: Angela Keiper-Wilson
        Fair:  Sarasota County STEM Summit
      • Winner's Name: Rain Orsi
        Winner's School: Rocky Mountain High School
        School Location: Fort Collins, CO
        Title of Project: Is Your Faith in Fracking Shaken?
        Teacher: n/a
        Fair:  Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Tikhon Pshenitsyn
        Winner's School: School No. 179
        School Location: Moscow, Russia
        Title of Project: Methods of Analysis of Power-Iterated (Hyperpower) Functions
        Teacher: Olga D. Telesheva
        Fair:  Avangard
      • Winner's Name: Ken Ryumae
        Winner's School: Ryle High School / Gratton Academy
        School Location: Union, KY
        Title of Project: Computing an Algorithm to Detect Three Dimensional Objects in Space
        Teacher: Dr. Qi Li
        Fair:  Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky
      • Winner's Name: Carson Cato
        Winner's School: Arkansas School For Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts
        School Location: Hot Springs, AR
        Title of Project: Optimizing the Search for Mersenne Primes
        Teacher: Nikki Kennedy
        Fair:  West Central Regional Science Fair in Hot Spring
      • Winner's Name: Victoria Girgis
        Winner's School: Buena High School
        School Location:Sierra vista, AZ
        Title of Project: Small-Scale Particle Accelerator
        Teacher: Mark Goldie
        Fair:  Youth Engineering & Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Oliver Ulmer
        Winner's School: Oregon Episcopal School
        School Location: Portland, OR
        Title of Project: Mechanics of Heading a Soccer Ball: Assessment of Protective Headgear, Ball Air Pressure, and Ball Design.
        Teacher: N/A
        Fair:  Aardvark Science Expo
      • Winner's Name: Caroline Jennings
        Winner's School: The Classical Academy
        School Location: Colorado Springs, CO
        Title of Project: Population Dynamics of Predation in a Competitive Lupine-Ovine-Grassland Ecosystem.
        Teacher: Linda Cummings
        Fair:  Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Srijan Duggal & Shnzheng Zheng
        Winner's School: Isidore Newman High School
        School Location: New Orleans, LA
        Title of Project: Statistical Analysis Basketball Shots
        Teacher: Matthew Jones
        Fair:  Greater New Orleans Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Eduardo Palacios & Jesus Vigil
        Winner's School: Navasota High School
        School Location: Navasota, TX
        Title of Project: The Effects of Education on Disease Outbreaks
        Teacher: Justin Barrett
        Fair:  East Texas Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Maanasi Garg
        Winner's School: Stanton College Prep
        School Location: Jacksonville, FL
        Title of Project: Seizure Prediction Using Spectral Density Analysis on Pediatric EEG
        Teacher: Dr. Rajasekhar Narisetty
        Fair:  Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Swetha Sriramoju
        Winner's School: Ardsley High School
        School Location: Ardsley, NY
        Title of Project: Structure Based Drug Design with Diabetic Retinopathy and RAGE
        Teacher: Diana Evangelista
        Fair:  Westchester Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Erica bertolozzi
        Winner's School: Mahopac High School
        School Location: Mahopac, NY
        Title of Project: The Application of Predictive Analytics to Student Success in College
        Teacher: Michael Blueglass
        Fair:  Westchester Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: David Baden
        Winner's School: Patrick Henry High School
        School Location: Hamler, OH
        Title of Project: Are Biodigesters The Next Generation of Alternative Energy?
        Teacher: David Parry
        Fair:  Northwest Ohio Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Wesley Sava
        Winner's School: Hastings High School
        School Location: Hastings on Hudson, NY
        Title of Project: Analyzing Remainders in Multiple Moduli Bases of Twin Primes
        Teacher: Melissa Shandroff & Lisa Fastenberg
        Fair:  Westchester Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Dylan Gore
        Winner's School: Bartlesville High School
        School Location: Bartlesville, OK
        Title of Project: Password Cracking
        Teacher: N/A
        Fair:  Bartlesville District Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: William Cosper
        Winner's School: Aline-Cleo Public School
        School Location: Aline, OK
        Title of Project: The Odds Are...
        Teacher: David Moore
        Fair:  Northwestern Oklahoma Regional
      • Winner's Name: Piper Scott
        Winner's School: Columbia River High School
        School Location: Vancouver, WA
        Title of Project: Rainfall and its Use in Predicting Influent Flow
        Teacher: Kelly Cameron
        Fair:  Southwest Washington Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Emily Rosamond
        Winner's School: Catholic High School
        School Location: New Iberia, LA
        Title of Project: Does Your Birthdate Affect Your GPA?
        Teacher: Michele Stelly
        Fair:  Louisiana Region VI Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Meena Hari
        Winner's School: Plano East Senior High School
        School Location: Plano, TX
        Title of Project: A Novel Approach to Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis Using a Support Vector Machine (SVM)
        Teacher: Julie Baker
        Fair:  Dallas Regional Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name:  Veronica Adornato
        Winner's School: Hathaway Brown School
        School Location: Shaker Heights, OH
        Title of Project: Comparison of Muscle Fatigue in the Dominant and Non-Dominant Arms
        Teacher: Crystal Miller
        Fair:  Hathaway Brown School Fair
      • Winner's Name: Alison Xin
        Winner's School: Hathaway Brown School
        School Location: Shaker Heights, OH
        Title of Project: Developing a Virtual Model for Prediction of Medication Affinity to Cyclodextrin
        Teacher: Crystal Miller
        Fair:  Hathaway Brown School Fair
      • Winner's Name: Amir Helmy
        Winner's School: Eastside High School
        School Location: Gainesville, FL
        Title of Project: Using Smart Phones to Capture and Analyze Data
        Teacher: Adrienne Thieke
        Fair:  Alachua Region Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Jonathan Sepulveda
        Winner's School: Paul J. Hagerty High School
        School Location: Oviedo, FL
        Title of Project: Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Candidate Antibiotics Against E.Coli and X. Alfalfae.
        Teacher: Sarah Evans
        Fair:  Seminole County Science, Math, & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Kincaid MacDonald
        Winner's School: Sentinel High School
        School Location: Missoula, MT
        Title of Project: A Quantum Attack on the One-Time Pad Cipher
        Teacher: Kelly Nelson
        Fair:  MT Tech REgional Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Grady Daniels
        Winner's School: Bartow IB
        School Location: Bartow, FL
        Title of Project: An Exploration In Textual Analysis
        Teacher: Debbie Vennon
        Fair:  Polk Regional Science & Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Jared G. Etienne
        Winner's School: Foxborough Regional Charter
        School Location: Foxborough, MA
        Title of Project: F.I.B.A.P.
        Teacher: Roy Pavao
        Fair:  BCC/ Rensselaer REgion III
      • Winner's Name: Kaylee Jimerson
        Winner's School: Glen Rose High School
        School Location: Malvern, AR
        Title of Project: Adopt The Idea
        Teacher: Julie Hathcock
        Fair:  Ouachita Mountains Regional SEF
      • Winner's Name: Jackson Riffee
        Winner's School: E.C. Glass High School
        School Location: Lynchburg, VA.
        Title of Project: Using Fractal Dimension To Differentiate Between Dyplatsic and Healthy Cells
        Teacher: Michelle Coghill
        Fair:  Central Virginia Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Stephanie Zhang
        Winner's School: Fairview High School
        School Location: Boulder, CO.
        Title of Project: Gene Expression and Diseases--Phase II: Developing a Model to Predict Cancer Progression
        Teacher: Paul Strode
        Fair:  Boulder Valley Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Christoph T. Cikraji
        Winner's School: Durango High School
        School Location: Durango, CO.
        Title of Project: Artificial Gravity Convept for Sustainable Space Exploration
        Teacher: Sheila Weahkee
        Fair:  San Juan Basin Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Patrick Graybeal
        Winner's School: Luray High School
        School Location: Luray, VA.
        Title of Project: On the Roots and Digits of Perfect Powers
        Teacher: Eric Johnston
        Fair:  Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Aaron Lopez
        Winner's School: Silver High School
        School Location: Silver City, NM.
        Title of Project: How Does Spin Affect Where A Ball Will Go
        Teacher: James Broyles
        Fair:  Southwestern NM Regional Science and Engineering Fair
      • Winner's Name: Isobel Baxter & Alexandra DeFelice
        Winner's School: Roanoke Valley Governor's School
        School Location: Roanoke, VA.
        Title of Project: Bioprospecting for Cold-Temperature Active Cellobase to Optimize Biofuel Production
        Teacher: Cindy Bohaland
        Fair:  Western Virginia Regional Science Fair
      • Winner's Name: Alexander Tomiak
        Winner's School: Southwest Virginia Governor's School
        School Location: Pulaski, VA
        Title of Project: Determining the Accuracy of SIR Modeling to Predict Movie Popularity
        Teacher: Sherry Pugh
        Fair:  Blue Ridge Highlands Regional Science Fair
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