Have Fun in Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta

Have Fun in Mu Alpha Theta

Have Fun Competing in Our Free Math Competitions

Currently, Mu Alpha Theta offers three, free mathematics competitions during the year.

For members, we offer the Log 1 Contest.  There are three rounds each year.  Chapters may choose any day during the testing month to give the test to their members.  Answers and a scoring rubric are provided and the chapter sponsor may upload scores to the testing website at http://log1.wamath.net.   The first two rounds offer at topic test on specific topics, similar to the kind of tests given at our National Convention.  The third round test is a general math test like our Individual Tests at convention.  Students compete in one of three divisions:  Mu, Alpha, or Theta, so they compete only against other students with the same level of math background.  Prizes and awards are given to the top schools and students competing.  Mu Alpha Theta will also award $100e or $271.82 to each of the top ten schools in our four regions.  For additional details see the Log 1 Contest page.

For any math student around the world, we offer the Rocket City Math League, RCML, contests. Any student from middle school to college can compete in these story-based topic tests at their own level of expertise.  There are three rounds of testing during the year with flexibility on when the test may be given to meet each school’s busy schedule.  Prior to the three rounds is an Interschool Test where students at the school may work together to find answers to test questions, submitting a single set of answers for scoring.  Top schools and students receive awards.  For more details, see the RCML page.

Want to try something a little bit different?  Our Mathematical Minutes Video Contest allows members to make a 2 – 5 minute video on a math topic of interest.  Rules and past winning videos are available to view.  Monetary awards are presented to the winners.  In 2016, $2,700 in prizes was distributed.

Come Compete at Our July National Convention

Each summer over 600 students and teachers attend our National Convention.  Students participate in four days of mathematical competitions of all sorts, including individual, team, speed rounds, and “Chalk Talks”.  See Past Tests, with answers and worked out problems. 

More information on our 2017 National Convention at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Buffalo, NY from July 16-21, 2017 will be posted in September.

Want to try something challenging?  Try the 2008 Mystery Test, the last Open Test listed under 2008.