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Summer Grants

To be considered for a summer math program/research grant, the Mu Alpha Theta member's chapter must have been active during the previous twelve months. (This means that the school would not have reactivated or chartered in the twelve months prior to the application.) Grants may be requested for up to $2,000 per each student who has been a member since at least the semester prior to the application. A member may apply more than once but will be awarded no more than $4,000 in total.

High school members may request grants through the summer after high school graduation. Two-year college students may request money through the summer after their graduation from their member college. Coursework taken using grant money may not be used for courses that are typically available at the high school or the student's home college, such as Calculus I, Calculus II, or Statistics. Grant money may be used to pay tuition or fees for a summer math program at or sponsored by an accredited school or university. Grants may reimburse expenses for doing research in mathematics or applied mathematics. This may include, but is not limited to, housing, travel, publication fees, and supplies. Grants for tuition and fees will be sent directly to the institution offering the program. Students receiving reimbursed expenses will be asked to provide receipts for items and will be required to submit a Form W-9. The member's service to and active participation in their Mu Alpha Theta club may be considered in the grant selection process. 

If you're a summer grant awardee and would like to share your experience, email a short paragraph to and we will post your comments on our website and social media. 

**All 2017 Summer Grants have been awarded. Please check back in January 2018.

Some summer programs that might qualify:

For other available programs check this site.

Summer Grant Recipients for 2016

  • Recipient’s Name: Aileen Ma
    Recipient’s School: Niwot High School
    School Location: Niwot, CO
    Program: Prove It! Math
    Aileen's Program Comments: "Prove It! Math Academy was by far the most interesting and challenging summer program I have ever attended. The talented Monks family not only taught us new math concepts, but also how beautiful the field of mathematics is. We learned how to apply new thinking to solve a problem with a familiar concept, such as using orbits and stabilizers to simplify the counting of permutations. By asking us questions to stretch our boundaries of comfort, we learned about new fields of math such as hyperbolic geometry and surreal numbers. Most of all, we learned how to lay a solid foundation on our mathematical arguments through writing and editing our proofs. By learning about the proof-writing process that all mathematicians go through, we were able to see a glimpse into a future life as a mathematician.
    Working with so many brilliant and talented mathematicians was the highlight of my experience. I was in awe of the elegant solutions my teammates concocted to the most convoluted problems, while also admiring how diligently they would brute force long and tedious tasks to get to the solution. While brilliance was useful in solving problems, determination proved to be the most important part. My teammates and I bonded closely over the past two weeks, not only in solving problems together, but also through free time spent on similar hobbies such as chess, billiards, table tennis, and Foosball. We had so much fun, whether it be achieving a breakthrough on a problem or sinking an impossible pool shot.
    Along with all the math, the instructors made sure that we didn't waste our opportunity being in Colorado. From local field trips to an excursion in the lovely Rocky Mountain National Park, the instructors perfectly balanced a heavy load of math with fun activities to keep us energetic about both. As we usually spent a good majority of our day working on math (8+ hours), the excursions were an interesting diversion to allow us to relax and recuperate before diving back into our problems.
    I had the most fantastic time at Prove It! Math Academy this year, and am incredibly grateful to the instructors, the fellow mathematicians, and to Mu Alpha Theta for such an amazing experience.
  • Recipient’s Name: Andrea J. Zhang
    Recipient’s School: Ridge High School
    School Location: Basking Ridge, NJ 
    Program: US/Canada Mathcamp
  • Recipient’s Name: Jessica Metzger
    Recipient’s School: Timber Creek High School
    School Location: Orlando, FL 
    Program: Summer Science Program
  • Recipient’s Name: Jeongwoo Seo
    Recipient’s School: Iowa City West High School
    School Location: Iowa City, IA 
    Program: AwesomeMath
  • Recipient’s Name: Lucas 
    School Location: San Antonio, TX 
    Program: AwesomeMath
    Lucas' Program Comments:This year I attended the AwesomeMath Summer Program at the University of Paget Sound.  I learned a lot in my 3 weeks of Algebra and combinatorics classes and as a result I am now scoring much higher on mathematics competition tests.  Any motivated problem solver will find that they have become a much better math student after finishing former IMO coach Titu Adnreescu's program.
    I am very grateful for the Mu Alpha Theta grant.  Without it I would not have had such a great opportunity to learn higher level concepts and meet so many people with similar interests.  I had such a great time at camp and was given a glimpse at what college life in a STEM subject is like.
  • Recipient’s Name: Brian P. Tobin
    Recipient’s School: Stoneman Douglas High School
    School Location: Parkland, FL
    Program: AwesomeMath
  • Recipient’s Name: Richard L. Luo
    Recipient’s School: Highland Park High School
    School Location: Dallas, TX 
    Program: AwesomeMath
  • Recipient’s Name: Neel P. Gandhi
    Recipient’s School: Archimedean Upper Conservatory
    School Location: Miami, FL
    Program: Mathematica Camp, Math track
  • Recipient’s Name: Anna Rezhko
    Recipient’s School: Woodbridge High School
    School Location: Irvine, CA 
    Program: Mathematica Summer Camp
  • Recipient’s Name: JiHwan Min
    Recipient’s School: Catalina Foothills High School
    School Location: Tucson, AZ
    Program: Mathematica Summer Camp
  • Recipient’s Name: Brandon R. Jiang
    Recipient’s School: Desert Vista High School
    School Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Program: Ross Summer Program
    Brandon's Program Comments:  I had no idea what to expect prior to attending the Ross Program. Its description claimed that it was an intense 6 week program dedicated to mathematics, and they were definitely correct about that. Every day, we were given a set of math problems to work on ­ with peers, but without outside resources like books and the internet. We were to discover these famous results on our own, experiencing the proofs like mathematicians did hundreds of years ago. At Ross, I also met many other fellow students with interest in mathematics and we had a really fun time struggling with difficult problems, sometimes spending hours or days. Ross was a truly unique experience that furthered my endeavors in mathematics as well as introducing me to many new friends.
  • Recipient’s Name: Austin Chen
    Recipient’s School: Redmond High School
    School Location: Redmond, WA  
    Program: Stanford Summer Math Program
  • Recipient’s Name: Gaurav Rao
    Recipient’s School: Hillsborough High School
    School Location: Tampa, FL 
    Program: MathLy
  • Recipient’s Name: Emily M. Shoemaker
    Recipient’s School: St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School
    School Location: Ausin, TX
    Program: Yale Summer Astrophysics Program
  • Recipient’s Name: William Zhang
    Recipient’s School: Vestavia Hills High School
    School Location: Birmingham, AL 
    Program: PROMYS
  • Recipient’s Name: Siang Tseng
    Recipient’s School: Centennial High School
    School Location: Elliott City, MD
    Program: Wolfram Summer Program
  • Recipient’s Name: Meghana Vemulapalli
    Recipient’s School: American Heritage School Delray
    School Location: Delray Beach, FL
    Program: MathLy
  • Recipient’s Name: Jong Suk Lee
    Recipient’s School: Huron High School
    School Location: Ann Arbor, MI
    Program: PROMYS