Mathematical Minutes Video Contest Finalists

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Mathematical Minutes Video Contest Finalists

Voting on the eight finalists for the 2015-2016 Mathematical Minutes Video Contest will start after March 31, 2016.

Below are the eight finalists from the 2016 Mathematical Minutes Video Contest. They are listed in no particular order. Your chapter will need to watch the videos and rank them 1st-8th place. The video your chapter feels is the best should be listed as #1 with your least favorite listed as #8. If there is a tie, please list the video titles all under the same number and omit the corresponding number of placeholders (If three videos tie for #3, the next video down should be scored as #6).

When judging keep the following in mind:

  • Videos should teach a lesson in an interesting or innovative way.
  • Topics should be accessible to high school students with an interest in math.
  • Math should be correct.
  • Videos should exhibit originality.

Email your chapter's votes to The body of the email must include your chapter ID, school name, and 1st-8th place votes. All votes must be emailed by April 20 by 12:00 AM CST.

What Does U Mean? Music Video:

Putting up with the Polars:


Derivations (A Sweatpants Parody):

Down with Pi:

Unsolved Math Mysteries:

The Number Games:

Pascal's Quest:

2B or not 2B: