How to Join

Mu Alpha Theta

How to Join

Procedure for Starting a New Chapter

  1. Confirm that your school meets the chapter eligibility requirements.
  2. Select a member of your school's faculty to serve as the sponsor of the chapter.
  3. Start a math club for your math students.
  4. Check grades of your math club members to determine who is eligible to become a Mu Alpha Theta member. All students must meet the student eligibility requirements.
  5. Download the appropriate Mu Alpha Theta petition below.
  6. Complete the petition and have it approved by your principal or your college administrative officer, typically the college president or the math department chair.
  7. Submit the petition along with a one-time $25 charter fee and the $10 one-time membership registration fee for each student joining your chapter. All fees will be returned if the institution is deemed ineligible for membership. 
  8. Email the list of your charter members, grouped by year of graduation, to
- High School Petition                            
- Two Year College Petition
- Virtual School Petition

***Please note: As of February 10, 2017, we will no longer accept the previous version of the charter petition. Please make sure you submit the appropriate petition linked above.**

Each petitioning institution will be notified within two weeks whether or not a charter has been granted. When a charter is granted, each student will receive a certificate of membership and a membership card. The school will receive a charter certificate suitable for framing.